Top 5 Family and Children’s Fitness Events 2020

After an expensive end to another year, and way too much naughty food and drink I always begin my search for fun fitness events for the kids and my husband and I to do in January. Partly because it is a very boring month for many of us, but also because a majority of us are pretty much ‘skint’, and trying to reorganise our finances to get out of the so called ‘red’, but hey at least the kids had fun, right??

By finding a family fitness event to do together, not only will it force you all out in the cold, rain and maybe even snow, (here’s hoping……I do love a snow day!), it helps you to refocus and clear your mind for the year ahead, and keeps your mind away from the dreaded January blues.

I guess it is like the New Year Resolutions list we make and for some, don’t always keep, but if you sign up to something you will have to commit to it. If you write it down and share it with your family and friends, then you are more than likely going to stick with it too.

A lot of these fun run events aren’t really that expensive either, they can range from as little as £5 to enter, and they have so many throughout the year that you can plan your diary well in advance…..(brownie points for also getting organised, well done you!)

I’ve found some great sites for you to have a look at, by putting in your region the one’s closest to you will come up, however if you fancy travelling further afield and add some exploring in there too, then go for it, make your own family adventures and memories that will be treasured forever. You’ll have some great stories to share afterwards I’m sure.

You will need to check the age limits for the children events though, a lot of these are for children who are between 4-12yrs old, but if you have younger ones than this then not to worry as there are still lots for them to do and get excited about especially at the family fitness festival events.

  1. UK Fitness Events

This site lists other challenges and events that aren’t necessary just for kids and families, there’s also cycling events, open water swimming, triathlons and obstacle courses too. Check it out!

2. The Little Welly Obstacle Course

You’ll also find lots of family fitness events that also have live music festivals included in them too, so you really can make a whole weekend of it. I love this idea of bringing great live bands to events, the atmosphere is so buzzing and it definitely helps the kids associate FITNESS with FUN. Ideal for families with siblings who are younger than 4yrs old, they offer an inflatable section for your very little ones, and they will also have plenty to look at.

I’ll definitely be dragging some friends along to one of these, the more the merrier!

3. New Forest Marathon

This year I’m doing the New Forest Marathon in September, and signing my kids up for the kids fun run part of it.

4. Run Fest Run

Run Fest Run has not only live music, the awesome host of Chris Evans but they also have some very famous sporting heroes giving talks such as the legend of Sally Gunnell and Graham Bell This is one for the whole family, with a great British funfair there too, as well as a wellness section.

5. Inflatable 5k

The inflatable courses that have certainly bounced into our lives is definitely a must. You’ll be giggling your way around the course together, having an absolute blast, especially towards the end as you enter the Foam Zone. It contains literally 100% fun! They appear everywhere, so I know there’ll be one near you.

I can’t wait to start these family fitness adventures with the kids this year, campervan all ready to go and a list of these awesome events in hand….2020 is going to be a great year!

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