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Coyote is working alongside the current Change4Life campaigns and Get UK Active to help families and children become more active and live a healthier lifestyle. We currently hold classes in Andover, Stockbridge, and Winchester and are always expanding within the Hampshire and Wiltshire region, and will soon have our children’s fitness clubs all across the UK and Internationally.

The current government guidelines taken from the Health Survey of England 2012 state that the Chief Medical Officers recommendations for physical activity in children and young people should be a minimum of 60 minutes of at least moderate intensity physical activity each day.

Evidence for recommendation of the amount of physical activity for health was reviewed in 2010 for the Chief Medical Officers of the four UK countries. Guidelines were published for under 5s stating that physical activity should be encouraged from birth onwards, as it is critical in reducing adiposity; improves bone and muscle strength, motor development and physiosocial health, as well as being important for cardio-metabolic health (blood pressure, blood lipids (fats) and insulin sensitivity).

Ref: The Health and Social Care Information Centre (

Benefits of Fit Club

  • Physical fitness for improved mental stimulation
  • Better learning concentration in class
  • The recommended daily exercise of one hour per day for children
  • Children to take a large step in being healthily active at a young age thus preventing negativity and health problems in later life
  • The importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle
  • A childrens fitness class that boosts confidence and suitable for all children of all ages and abilities
  • Your children will feel part of a happy, healthy and strong community and will make lots of new friends on their active, healthy kids journey
  • We provide various change4life content to our pupils as well as our very own healthy journal booklet for them to follow with extra healthy tips and activities to do at home with their family and friends

Class Timetable


Bowman Centre
Shears Drive


Age:4-8 yrs



Abbotswood Community Centre
14 Abbotswood Common Road
SO51 0BX


Age:4-8 yrs

*Starts 3rd November 2020


Augusta Park Community Centre
East Anton Farm Road
SP11 6RD


Age: 4-8 yrs

*Starts 17th September 2020

What Else We Do

Nurseries & Pre-Schools

We will come to your nursery or preschool and deliver our popular Coyote Kids Fit Club classes to you as often as you like.

All sessions can be tailored to a particular theme your working on, as a fitness party, or as an extra curricular activity!

Community Projects in your area

We offer our fit club services  to various community centre’s and projects in the area, we’d love to get involved locally.

If you would like to set up a community project to get children into leading an active, healthy lifestyle then we can help.

Events, Parties & Entertainment

We are available for various events from weddings, corporate family events to charity balls.Why not add a children’s fitness class to your day?

We can guarantee to keep the little one’s entertained.

Themed Workshops

Frozen 2 Fitness Workshop 2020

Frozen 2 themed fun fitness workshop for the 4-8yr olds in Andover. This now FULLY BOOKED.

Augusta Park Community Centre
East Anton Farm Road
SP11 6RD

29th October 2020

9.30 am-12.00 pm

Halloween Toddler & Pre-Schooler Special

 A fun, energetic Halloween themed fitness session for the 2-4 yr olds. Parents can join in with the fun too.

Augusta Park Community Centre
East Anton Farm Road
SP11 6RD

30th October 2020

3.00 pm-3.40 pm

Halloween Fitness Kid's Special

A fun, energetic Halloween themed fitness session for the 4-8 yr olds. Parents are not permitted to stay.

Augusta Park Community Centre
East Anton Farm Road
SP11 6RD

30th October 2020

4.00 pm-4.45 pm


We stock a range of items including T Shirts, bags and other goodies. To place an order come and have a chat at your next Coyote session.

Meet the Fit Crew!

My name is Kai


Kai loves to jump over everything and anything. Kai’s favourite superfoods are broccoli and tomatoes, and favourite fruit is a banana.

My name is Kip


Kip loves to run fast. Kips favourite superfoods are peas and spinach, and favourite fruit is an orange.

My name is Kelsey


Kelsey loves to balance and stretch. Favourite superfoods are carrots and sweet potato, and favourite fruits are all types of berries.

My name is Kody


Kody loves strength and mindfulness. Kody’s favourite superfoods are peppers and brussel sprouts and favourite fruit is an apple.

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