Nutrition, like it or hate it why do we obsess about it?

We all know the importance of a healthy, well balanced diet in our lives and our children, yet why do we need to research about it constantly, why do we feel we need to be better at it? We all know what is healthy and what’s not, but still keep looking for another fad diet to follow and so on? The list goes on and on and there are countless theories on this from many experts.

The world is nutrition mad, it’s everywhere we go, it’s on bill boards, on television, it’s in almost every shop you go into, even clothes shops as you queue up to pay for your items there’s a stand right in front of you with sweets, crisps, and chocolate enticing you in, making you see it and want it. The kids are bored so they go on and on about it and eventually many of us give in to save the tantrum at the checkout, it’s in the doctors, and even the dentists, you name it, it’s right there all the time.

No wonder why we obsess about it, we can’t get away from it! The temptation takes over your mind and your body and it just smells so damn good.

Well I am sorry to say, I haven’t got the answers to it, I don’t have a miracle cure that will make your nutrition desires and hates just disappear, but I can tell you it really isn’t that complicated, stop over thinking it.


Food is our bodies’ fuel, that’s it, we need it and we need a well-balanced diet that consists of every type of food out there, but just maybe more of some and less of the other. We know good food makes us stronger, strengthens our immune system and helps us to also recover from injury and illness much quicker. Your children learn from you, so having a little bit of everything will do you all good, some people may argue this with me but all you need is to follow this simple rule.

Your plate should consist of the following…..

¼ protein

¼ carbohydrate

½ vegetables

How simple is that???

You don’t need loads of food on a plate, children get put off by too many things on there, and it’s too much for them to process. I have one child who is a great eater, and the other child who isn’t. Now the child I spent hours making home cooked puree’s as a baby for and followed a supposedly very healthy plan has turned out to be the fussiest, doesn’t like to try anything new and can’t bear to have food mixed, and the one I just gave what we ate to is actually the best eater, and loves all types of food and has a very healthy relationship with it.

We all still eat the same food, I don’t make anything different for the fussy child but I keep their food placed separately on a plate, the other one has it as it comes, I keep it very simple now, just like the tip above and I never force them to eat something they don’t like, but all I ask is for them to just try it. They have a very balanced diet, are both a very healthy weight and most importantly very happy, active children. You too can make this happen, just keep it simple and get them out exercising every day, even if it’s just a walk around the block.

Below is one of many eat well plate images you’ll find on the internet, just follow this and the obsession and pressure of nutrition, nutrition and nutrition will subside!

On top of this ensure your children drink plenty of water, that’s one thing I am adamant about, luckily they choose water over squash any time of the day.

Keep it simple, be active and don’t worry about it, life’s too short!


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