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Can you help us tackle a growing global EMERGENCY?

Hi, I’m Becky, a proud, devoted mum and the creator of Coyote Fitness Uk. I have dedicated my life so far to the fitness profession and have helped many people lead an active healthy lifestyle. I strive to see young people grow in confidence, ability and happiness. 

I created Coyote Fitness Uk because I was saddened to hear that 1 in 4 children are obese starting primary school.  Through years of experience and research, I had realised that the majority of adults that were struggling to achieve an active healthy lifestyle were also those who had a negative experience as a child within the physical education sector. This needed to change. I, like all parents, carers, and guardians want the best start for their children and wanted them to have a happy positive experience with fitness.

So, I have made it my MISSION to ‘stop this global epidemic’, and created Coyote Kids Fit Club for 2-6 yr olds and Coyote Fit Crew for 7-10yr olds.

The program works….its simple and effective. The kids love it and their families can’t be more thankful for the clarity it offers in inspiring their family behaviours.

Ok, so what does Coyote Fitness Uk actually do?

Coyote Fitness Uk has a tool box of adaptable and dynamic children’s fitness classes that centres itself on the core elements of fitness, sport, dance and mindfulness. Each one of these core disciplines have been cleverly associated with a Coyote character. Let my team introduce themselves.

We even teach them the importance of healthy nutrition!

Every single one of these disciplines will help children develop physically and mentally.  They will be learning without even knowing! These skills are transferable and will set the foundations for future development in whatever path they choose to take in life.  

In a nutshell, our classes will give them everything they need to be an active, healthy and motivated individual. If they are already very active, great, it will also help them excel in their chosen sport too.

What do you do in the fitness classes?

All our activities are suitable for children of all fitness levels and abilities. Each child is encouraged to support each other and to work as a team. 

Children will be part of an active healthy kid community, they will be on a journey together and will gain skills that will last a lifetime!

The classes are really varied and they include activities such as;

Obstacle courses, balance work, running games, team games, ball games, various types of  jumping, and exercises for strength, as well as particular games related to the importance of good nutriton.

We have so many different activities that improve children’s overall physical development, they learn so much about themselves, there bodies and how to overcome different tasks given. There is no such thing as “I can’t” at Coyote, only “I can and I will”.

How will we use this funding?

For Coyote Fitness Uk to reach more children and young people in other areas, we have found that franchising our business will enable our program to grow and develop at a healthy rate across the country, and above all it will enable us to fund our own children’s fitness and wellbeing community projects, making us one step closer to stamping out this globesity epidemic.

This campaign will help Coyote Fitness Uk create training manuals, legal documents, purchase equipment, build children’s personal fitness journals, cover hall hire fee’s, instructor fee’s and develop our own children’s fitness course that will also be a recognisable qualification within the fitness industry. We will be able to train our own Coyote Instructors and ensure we have the best in the business, plus so many more things that a small business needs to operate effectively and efficiently, the list is endless.

We will also be able to create and fund our ‘Healthy Weight’ and ‘Healthy Mind’ program, that we are hoping can be delivered as part of an NHS referral scheme for those children who need some extra support in starting their journey as an ‘active healthy kid’.

How can I support Coyote Fitness Uk?

We need your help to make this a huge success! 

Our next generation need us to lead the way and guide them on a journey to a healthier and fitter planet. 

Your support will go towards investing into a business that really does change lives! 

The more of us passionate children’s fitness instructors out there, the more of an impact we can make to this country, and we could stamp out this epidemic more or less overnight by instilling a habit that will last a lifetime!

What clients have said about us:

We have many reviews on our facebook page @coyotefitnessuk, but here’s a few to get you started!


‘Becky is amazing. The children love her and the energy is infectious. Don’t hesitate to go, you and the children will have fun!’


‘It’s a brilliant concept kids really need to know about having fun keeping fit . It’s a lesson that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives .
 Well done Becky for your great work !!’


‘My 4 year old daughter has attended fit club since the beginning of the year, she loves it! Becky is so passionate about getting kids fit, she has the kids exercising without them even realising as they are having so much fun.
We had the pleasure of Becky doing my daughters 4th birthday yesterday. It was fantastic. The party had it all. Games, pom-poms, circuits bubbles and more!
 If you’re thinking of taking your child to a class or booking a party you really should do it.’


Coyote fitness is brilliant! Becky is always so energetic and fun and makes sure the children are all having the best time! my daughter loved it and it’s so great to see what she can do when encouraged! Xxx’

I’d like to live in world where…….

1.  All children are more active, having fun and playing outdoors, and not living a life through a computer.

2.  A future generation who are not afraid of competition, but are motivated, determined and confident individuals.

3.  Obesity not to be an epidemic.

4.  Improved Mental Health for all.

5.  Getting all families active and spending more time together.

What type of world would you like to live in?

Thank you for your support and taking the time to read this campaign. Your kindness and generosity means the world to me, my family and my Coyote team, between us we can change the world!

Lets do this!

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