Bring back Get in Shape Girl from the 80’s!

Does anyone remember “Get in Shape Girl”?

During the mid to late 80’s, Hasbro produced a line of fitness sets aimed at young girls, each set came with various pink and purple aerobic kit, a cassette tape containing popular music and verbal workout cues, plus a poster, (wow, our kids wouldn’t even know what a cassette tape was today).

The different types of exercise kit were things like a skipping rope, and all sorts of rhythmic gymnastic-style equipment…the ad was really catchy, and it still sticks in my head to this day!!

I absolutely loved my Get in Shape Girl Kit, when I opened it one Christmas Morning in the mid 80’s, I was so excited, and couldn’t wait to get started with my fitness dream, I worked so hard that year to be such a ‘good girl’ and it paid off, Father Christmas had given me exactly what I had asked for.

Who would have thought that this was inadvertently a clue as to what I would be when I grew up!

I’ve always had lots of energy, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, my poor parents! No way was I ever going to end up in a static job where I had to sit down and concentrate for too long and especially not all day……arrrggghhhhh, my personal worst nightmare!

So here I am, 30 plus years on and I am still jumping around like I did when I was a kid, so many people always ask me ‘where do you get your energy from’, ‘there’s no way you have kids of your own’ and ‘what do you eat for breakfast, I want some’. Well the answer to all your questions is this…. I honestly do not know where I get my energy from at times, especially when I have 2 young children of my own who are both extremely energetic 99% of the time and for breakfast I eat a yummy bowl of porridge, some say I am like the Duracell bunny, I keep going and then I crash and all I can say is I totally live for the moment, I love being active, it makes me feel like super woman and best of all I love my job, I get to influence the kids of today, just like I was back in the good old 80’s.

I think ‘get in shape girl’ should be reintroduced into the market, I am positive all kids would absolutely love it, and it should be deemed as the dress up play of the real super heroes in life! There’s so much more research, new exercises and amazing child friendly kit available today, just like the Disney princesses and knights who save the day in the great movies, let’s make every child think that by being fit and healthy will help them become that hero, and whatever they want to be!

Now before you go, click on the link below and watch “Get in Shape Girl”, you’ll smile from ear to ear and from me to you ‘get in shape girl and get jumping!’

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