10 Free fun and cheap activities for the family!

Here are ten ideas to get you and your little ones active.

  1. Play Tag
  2. Go on a bike ride and have a picnic
  3. Go on a bug hunt
  4. Build a den in your local woods
  5. Join your local park run, there are both adults and kids versions.
  6. What’s your name-using the alphabet, assign different children friendly exercises next to a letter, and get the children to spell out their name. There are some great samples on pinterest, you will find our Coyote one at the bottom of this blog.
  7. Have a water balloon fight in the garden or at your local park
  8. Hide and Seek-who doesn’t love a game of hide and seek? You can play this in the house or outside as a family. Ensure you put in some safety rules for the little ones though.
  9. Pick your own fruits- find a local farm and go strawberry picking, you’ll all get some great walking in and the kids will love to see how the fruits grow in mass.
  10. 10. Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course, there are no limits to your imagination, you’ll be surprised as to what you find and can use that is already in your house or flat.

My little Coyote family has enjoyed many weekends training together recently. We’re showing our children that you can always fit in some kind of fitness activity together, and one that doesn’t cost a thing. We take it in turns to either run or ride a bike, we then find a park and do our exercises whilst the kids play, and finish off having a some playtime with them on the zip wire, monkey bars or swings. It is definitely my favourite part of the weekend. Not only are we showing our children the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, but we are also teaching them how to treasure that family time together on a weekly basis, where everyone benefits!


These exercises are suitable for children from 6-10 years old

A          20 secs running in place

B          6 crab walk

C          5 squats

D          20 secs hop alternating each leg

E          8 wall push ups

F          balance on one leg for 20 secs

G         5 wake ups

H          5 squat and rockets

I           5 shuffles

J           5 frog jumps

K          6 flipping the table

L          10 high knees

M         5 bear crawls

N         20 secs jumping beans

O         10 lunges alternate each leg

P          10 broad jumps

Q         10 mountain climbers

R          20 punching arms

S          20 secs skipping

T          10 jumping jacks

U         10 scissor jumps

V          10 donkey kicks alternating legs

W        10 shuttle runs

X          6 push ups

Y          10 secs wall sit

Z          20 secs speed skate

Using some empty lolly/popsicle sticks or you can purchase some wooden plain or coloured lolly/ Popsicle sticks from your local Hobby Craft and either write or add alphabet stickers to one end. From their get the children to spell out their names by removing the correct letters stick from the cup or holder of your choice. This will be their workout. It’s cheap, fun and can be used over and over again, you’ll be able to easily switch the letters and exercises around so they get a good variation of exercises, or of course make various sets that you can use time and time again!

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