The Benefits of Regular and Routinely Planned Exercise.

The Benefits of Planned Exercise

In an ADULT world many of us have busy working routines. We must schedule our calendars to meet our obligations, we rigorously plan our contractual requirements to meet Key point indicators, and the supporting specified business outcomes that our employer has set us! If we don’t do this, then we are in danger of losing our job!   Gosh! we are busy people, but that doesn’t even include our duties as parents and family members. Not even mentioning the general routine things like cooking, cleaning, chores, school runs and bed-time routines.


So, we have all decided we need to do these things…we must do these things! 

Yes, indeed.  But when, how and where do we fit in the time for ourselves? – surely this is as important as working!

Our physical and mental wellbeing are so critical and are at the centre of everything we do – to ensure we meet those work requirements! 

Arghhhh, how do you do it Becky

For me it’s about finding the time and prioritising, with the same discipline and rigour you plan your working day.

1.    Do I need to get up earlier in the morning and go for a jog, swim, gym session? – why not?
2.    Can I do something at lunch time? – why not?
3.    Can I do something later in the day?  Why not?

Try your hardest to stick to a set time – where you have time for you.  (REGULAR ROUTINE)
I’ll be honest – We all struggle with this everyday – It is all too easy to sit down and eat a bar of chocolate whilst watching a 30-minute episode of Eastenders! Just think you could have been out and back in that time and completed a workout!  “Well done you”.
How many times have you chosen to lie in bed in the morning and surf social media? Maybe next time think! “Can I make a difference to my mind and body by getting up, putting on my fitness gear and doing exercise. Yes!

If you set a regular routine, your body will then crave that session, time and time again…TRUST ME!
  • Wake up with purpose…. (know that you are getting up to exercise)
  • Keep your alarm in a different part of the room…. (you must then get up)
  • Lay out your clothes the night before…. (you can’t then use that as an excuse in the morning!)

In Summary

  • Set small achievable goals.
  • Maybe do something every other day.
  • Increase the time on each session. 
  • Your body and mind will be improving every day.

By forming this new found habit in your daily routine, you will be encouraging your children to ask questions about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and what the benefits are, they will see the change in you, a more energised parent, also one in a better mood too. Without realising it, you’ll be imprinting this healthy habit into them and they will begin to do the same. Get hooked on the happy endorphins and amazing feeling that adrenaline gives you when you provide your body with what it truly craves. We were born to move not to lead a sedentary lifestyle, life’s too short to sit still, and wish you had done something sooner when it’s too late! Active healthy kids become, active, healthy adults. Let’s do this!

Motivation for you to get up !!

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