These are our Coyote Fitness Tests, and mini challenges! You can do it!

Karate Pear
Be a pear ninja!

Karate Pear

  • Post author:'s time to practise your balance skills with Kelsey Coyote.How's your Karate Pear move?You'll be a Pear ninja after this one! Make sure you eat your pears to help you…

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Froggy Jumps
The ultimate jump test Coyote! Are you up for it?

Froggy Jumps

  • Post author: love to jump at Coyote so we thought what a great idea it would be to see how our jumps improve over the weeks.This is our Broad jump also…

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Kelsey’s Tree Pose

  • Post author:'s Balance Test Practice your TREE POSE and watch how your balance improves over the coming weeks!How long can you hold it for? Share your tree poses with me! Go…

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